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What can stem cells improve?

stem cell injectionRegenerative medicine Doctors do stem cell injections to Extractions for over 100 conditions. Arthritis in the knees is the low hanging fruit – absolutely the greatest indication for stem cells. A comprehensive list would be about a 100 items, but here are the main ones:

  • Alzheimer’s
  • ankylosing spondylitis
  • PTSD
  • essentially any arthritis (osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, Lyme)
  • asthma
  • atherosclerosis
  • autism
  • dermatitis
  • diverticulitis
  • fibromyalgia
  • hepatitis
  • inflammatory bowel syndromes – so, both Crohn’s disease and Ulcerative Colitis
  • irritable bowel syndrome
  • kidney disease
  • low back pain musculoskeletal disorders
  • multiple sclerosis
  • systemic lupus erythematous
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Stem Cells for Knees


What are the different sources of stem cells?

When you’re talking about adult stem cells which is the only safe type to use if the cells aren’t to be manipulated in any way, the sources are: fat, umbilical cords, bone marrow, and menstrual fluid. For each source, you can find caregivers that will use either your cells or cells that have been grown out and or donated from donors for stem cell injections. 

How much does it cost? And how does that compare to other clinics.

The cost of everything could range from $3500.00 for a simple HUCT Injection to $10,000 + for harvesting, extraction, deployment, all on the same day of surgery, usually a process that totals three or four hours tops. That also includes two rechecks, one the day after, one the week after. Most patients blow those rechecks off, and just call us to tell us that they’re wound and back are feeling better. It’s a tiny wound in your back. No stitches. But you will hurt for about a week.

I am told there is a package deal in Costa Rica or Panama for $18,000. Includes airfare and hotel as well. I am also well aware of my network providers in the Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, Palm Springs area charging $15-$25,000. So my patients tell me I’m good.  

What are the worst possible side effects of a stem cell injection?

Fat emboli are extremely rare, and easily treated. And I have heard one case of blindness that followed deployment directly behind the eyes. 

What are most likely side effects?

Unusual, but very rarely, divots can be produced by mini-liposuction harvesting – easily correctible. Mild back pain follows x 1 week for mini-liposuction. Moderate to severe back pain occurs for 6 weeks after bone marrow harvesting – remember, you must break into a bone, so this is a fracture, and fractures take 6 weeks to heal in most adults. 

What do you need to know to consider my application for stem cell therapy?

What your hopes are for improvement. What you want to halt the progression of. I’m interested in knowing about your disability and expectations for stem cell care. Smoking; cessation is a must. No dental work coming up. No congenital cardiomyopathies. No cancer; if any history, then must be in complete remission.

Do you do stem cell injections children?

Several Doctors are also pediatrician first and foremost like Dr. Dave. Most clinics don’t do children.

Does your facilities handle severe disability?  For example, I have no use of my legs?

We are able to transfer you from wheelchair to the bed, and back 

What does the fat source treatment involve? What is the process?

Same day surgery that includes harvesting, extraction, and deployment, and everything leading up to it, as well as two follow up visits if you can, or even need. 

Harvesting consists of extracting your fat, then extracting your stem cells from your fat.

We put you on your belly for liposuction of one of your love handles to get 55 mL of your fat. After that mini-liposuction come washing and spinning and isolating of your stem cells. This whole process of spinning and washing takes under two hours and leads to 10 mL of millions of stem cells/cc + two or three additional washes of millions of stem cells. All of these stem cells are then given back to you in deployment for your own stem cells or you can choose HUCT stem cell injections from a health mother and health baby c-section from a pre screened candidate.

Deployment for someone with MS would usually means that your stem cells are all given back to you all by IV; knee arthritis usually means 1-2 cc per knee (after aspiration of some synovial fluid so the deployment into a confined space doesn’t hurt). If you want and have significant neck or low back symptoms, we can also put 1-2 mL in your neck and 1-2 mL in your lower back. But the rest would go in by IV as I mentioned first. 

So, the care includes mini liposuction by the trained and certified surgeon, myself, extraction of stem cells with special machines by special surgical techs, and lastly deployment by a physician, at our clinic, also myself. The harvesting by liposuction, extraction, and deployment is all done in one day, usually all in less than 2 to 3 hours. Stem Cell Injections are same dat, in under an hour.

Is only one session required and if more how long between sessions?

More than one session is required. Repeating at 6 months is likely, and repeating at 3 months is advisable. 

How many treatments will I need? And will they cost the same as the first?

From most of the conditions you described, you will probably need a second and a third round. Those cost $3500 each. After the second or third round, you will know if it is working. I strongly suspect you will feel 25% better at the two month mark and request the three-month harvesting and deployment. Whether or not you need the six month will be entirely based upon your response to the first two treatments sessions. Like that. I hope you feel better soon.

For all of the treatments indicated, repeating treatments every few years will probably be required because your body and the forces driving illness and aging aren’t going away. The stem cells aren’t curing time or gravity or new trauma or any autoimmune disorder that created your inflammation or injury new or old or aging. Stem cells only heal the problems those things created so will continue to create as you carry on in your life.

Stem cells live about 30 months. So, if there’s no new injury, autoimmune processes usually means you’ll need repeat every 2 years.

If you remember from high school biology, a healthy body regenerates itself completely every 7 years. So, if there’s no injury and there’s no autoimmune process, every 6 years is probably recommended at this time.

Are stem cells a cure for diseases or aging?

No. They only undo any damage that you have. 

They are more like a second chance for anything created in your body like injury (gravity and sports and accidents) or drinking in college (brain and liver) or autoimmune diseases created by diseases or foreign things that entered your body including drugs, prescription and otherwise.

Can I get stem cells just for aging?

Yes. The condition is called frailty, and that is a completely acceptable use.

What can stem cells offer a healthy young adult?

We do feel that life expectancy will be increased by regular stem cell use.  Some expert estimates say late 150s is likely. So, if you have a second life or career you wish to now pursue, stem cells could dramatically extend your life expectancy – especially with the advent of generation 2, 3, and 4 humans becoming increasingly robotic – but that’s another subject.

Also, if you were a professional athlete or serious amateur, you could harvest your stem cells for banking. That way, next injury, serious or otherwise, in tournament play or in the offseason, you could order up 10 cc of your cells, available in 4 weeks, for deployment to promote faster and thus better healing. The teams that aren’t making the playoffs will get in, those that never advance will, and so on, like that.

We don’t know if they will make you smarter or faster or stronger.  But those are the reports that we are getting if any. And they will be safe if you wanted to try.

What are people reporting are the good unexpected side effects of stem cells?

The harvesting, if it’s done by liposuction, most often leads to body sculpting, especially in thinner patients, like of the thighs or love handles.

The stem cell effects themselves have been exciting. Patients are reporting improved vision, improved sexual function, improved clarity of thinking, improved memory, and weight loss.

Weight loss most likely because they are able to be more active again. But it’s also likely that stem cells are helping the gut and liver which allow weight loss if made healthy again.

They are unexpectedly also removing scars and returning hair color and amount.

What conditions do you not use stem cells to treat?

Adult stem cells treat anything inflammatory except for cancer.

What’s the difference between embryonic and adult stem cells?

Adult stem cells are the stem cells in you and me.

Embryonic cells are the cells derived from discarded fetuses of in vitro clinics. 

What does the government think about stem cells?

Because social security is a limited fund, the federal government doesn’t like the idea of us living two lifetimes.

Big Pharma doesn’t like adult stem cells because they don’t need any manipulation to work.  If they don’t have to manipulate them, they can’t patent them.  If they can’t patent them, they can’t make $. Us “putting on our own genes on one leg at a time” in a forever way means less fake drug healing markets today and fewer markets in the years to follow.

The FDA doesn’t like adult stem cells. Big Pharma funds 80% of the FDA. So, understandably, the FDA doesn’t like them either. However, they know they are safe. And as long as it’s someone getting their own stem cells (or from a family member), they are legal. If however, the donor is not the same as the recipient host and not in the same family, as in the case of umbilical and menstrual and donor banks, then it’s illegal in the US to receive them. The extraction and banking can be done here, but all such non-autologous deployments must be done overseas.

In contrast to how they feel about adult stem cells, Big Pharma does like embryonic stem cells because, unlike adult stem cells, embryonic stem cells need much manipulation to be made safe.  That offers Big Pharma 3 things at least in the short term alone which they really like – 1, that means they must discover ways of manipulating embryonic stem cells to make them safer, that means research, that means funding. 2, each time they discover another way to manipulate embryonic stem cells into being safer, they can put a patent on it; that means they can secure intellectual property, that means they can sell it, that means they can make money when they sell it for further advancement — until make a drug the FDA approves. 3, whatever they can’t make safe once they find a use for their safer embryonic stem cell-derived drugs — they can treat — with their other drugs.

What’s the difference between stem cells derived from marrow and fat.

Marrow extraction is more painful that mini-liposuction. The marrow’s stem cells also become less strong and less in number as we grow old. Fat stem cells do not age as poorly and numbers in the fat, especially the love handles, stay higher longer.

Can I get some testimonials from your patients?

HIPAA compliance prevents us from sharing patient information with anyone. I recommend going online. But I challenge you. Despite the backstabbing fest we all know the Internet to be, you will be hard-pressed to find any negative testimonials.

Adult stem cells have no enemies, even on the www. That in itself is quite a big deal.

Stories ranging from desired and surprises, men, women, children, and animals. All good

Is there anything I can do to increase my body’s own supply of stem cells for my own good, or in preparation for stem cell harvesting myself?

Eat strawberries and blueberries — a recent study in rats. And lose weight.

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