With over 10,000 individuals on average turning 65 a day there is a huge demand for information regarding Medicare, post retirement benefits, and how individuals are able to manage their money into their later years.

One very important question is once my Medicare insurance starts, what out-of-pocket exposure well I have and is there a way to minimize that exposure?


The answer is yes, using a private insurance company you can purchase a MEDIGAP plan that will help cover what your Medicare part a and Medicare part B do not pay the full 100%.  These plans traditionally only cover the balance of what Medicare did not cover meaning if you try to get plastic surgery or stem cells and Medicare does not cover that at all, then the Medicare supplement plan most likely will not cover it either .

With over 150 insurance companies competing for your Medicare insurance supplemental business most people ask how do I pick the one best suited for me?

We suggest a multiple phase approach and determining the best supplemental insurance plan for your needs.

Cost is typically one of the major factors when choosing your Medicare supplement plan, and these costs will vary depending on which carrier you choose as well as several other factors like age, area you live in, health conditions and so forth.  It is important to understand that if you purchase the same plan from a carrier, or over the phone, or through a local agent that the price should be the same as that is regulated by the insurance industry for the same product and same plan… Now prices will vary from company to company based  several factors .

top 10 Medicare supplement plans

  •  Medicare supplement plan F
  • medicare supplement F ( hi deductible )
  • medicare supplement plan G
  •  Medicare supplement plan N
  •  Medicare supplement plan A
  •  Medicare supplement plan H
  • medicare supplement plan B
  •  Medicare supplement plan C
  •  Medicare supplement plan H
  •  Medicare supplement plan k

these are the top Medicare supplement plans that are offered by the insurance companies throughout the United States and have federal oversight regarding what is included in each plan so no matter which carrier you purchase your Medicare supplement plan from you should get the standard but if it’s required by law


Top 10 Medicare supplement insurance companies

  • Mutual of Omaha

  • Gerber life insurance
  • Aetna Medicare supplements
  • CIGNA Medigap plans
  • individual insurance company Medicare supplemental insurance
  • forethought Medigap
  •  Coventry Medicare supplements
  •  New York Life Medigap
  •  Well point
  • medigap hybrid
  • 1-800-MEDIGAP

if you are looking to purchase or change your Medicare insurance typically you have the following options


#1Work with a Medicare supplement insurance call center that can take your call nationwide and it is licensed to do business in your state

#2  work with a local agent or professional in your area to secure the insurance coverage you need

#3  call each of the 150 insurance companies and get there Quotes, and rates from a in-house professional at the corporate office

#4  call the Medicare supplement help line for access to hundreds of options with one call toll-free at 1-800-MEDIGAP