PRESS RELEASE- DALLAS NEWS- Small Tech company in Rockwall Texas poised to disrupt billion dollar medicare insurance industry.

These No Commission Medicare Supplement Plans are offered year-round (100% online – NO AGENTS)

It’s no wonder the small tech company in Rockwall Texas just outside of Dallas chose to launch this new application this week—Medicare Open enrollment period Oct. 15th to Dec 7th each year creates a HUGE AMOUNT OF BUZZ AND FLURRY OF CONSUMER CONFUSION.

10,000 people turning 65 each day!

Why is this so disruptive?

This DISRUPTIVE 100% online application will be cutting the agent and the agents commission out of the equation!

Over 50,000 insurance agents licensed to sell health insurance plans make a huge commission every time you pay your monthly premium. In-fact some get pre-paid before you even pay your monthly premium.

Insurance Agent Commission ( EVERY MONTH, based on your premium)

  • Medicare Supplement Agent 17% to 20%
  • Auto Insurance Agent 15%
  • renters Insurance 10%
  • Life Insurance 800% (That’s right-the agent gets paid more the very first month, that you will pay for the entire first 9 months)

The spokesperson for the tech company Jeff Cline says “the entire insurance industry is broken and it is time that they come into the 21st century providing a level of service consumers have grown to appreciate in the new technology age. We live in a time of Amazon, Zappos and Google..consumers expect and deserve more from all industries. Uber is a great example, either an industry adapts to the future of technology or it becomes obsolete and gets replaced by an app. ” he goes on to say”we plan on launching other no commission products on our “SMART APP” platform replacing the need for the hundreds of thousands of agents who get paid every month to enter your information into a form!”

The new technology will allow for huge efficiencies and even help operations flow, underwriting and payment processing in the future becoming the best friend to insurance companies.


Why has this not happened already?

Simple, over 300,000 insurance agents making a living selling billions of dollars a month in insurance premiums collection over 15% on average drive what is know as the LARGEST LEGIT industry on the planet, INSURANCE. The grey hair guys running the companies kow if they compete directly with their agent base it will cost them their current revenue. So it is an attitude “If its not broke-dont fix it”. It has taken a tech company, with no strings to the hundreds of thousands of agents to pull it off along side an insurance company who is embracing the future and has filed official DIRECT TO CONSUMER insurance products knowing that the future is here!

Time Line

Q4 2018 – Medicare Supplements DTC

We have launched our first “Direct to Consumer” product in the Medicare space during te 4th quarter to align with the millions of dollars beeing spent every day in the Annual Election Period to maximize of advertising and reach of our new product. Over the next few quarters who hope to roll out several new products, and some we have not even thought of yet. We fully believe as insurance companies see us taking the first stem they will react on their own or join us and leverage our “Smart App” technology licensed directly to insurance companies. Info: 972-800-6670

Q1 – 2019 : Direct to consumer “Life Insurance”

We will offer life insurance upgrades to the current consumer base as we roll out an individual life insurance product scheduled to be in all 50 states in early 2019

Q2-2019   Health Insurance

Direct to consumer Health insurance and short term coverage plans to align with the new ACA rulings are set to roll in early 2019 ready for the buying season.

The company is Siimpler Insurance , don’t be fooled by the name as it may become the next UBER or ZAPPOS household name. http://insurance.siimpler.com/ part of the “Family Friendly Movement”