Average cost of supplemental health insurance for seniors is one of the biggest questions we get from our clients who are thinking about retiring and wondering if they should get their stem cell injections while they are on their group plan or if they should wait and do it when they have Medicare Part A and Part B along with a medigap policy.

It is not an easy answer since medicare does not currently pay for stem cell injections. However, you might be able to use your health savings account on your group plan.

Many people find there are missing expenses that are overwhelming that medicare and group insurance just don't cover. You may be interested in purchasing a GAP TO MEDICAL INSURANCE (aka MEDIGAP) to go along with your traditional health insurance. IT WILL NOT COVER stem cells either, but it may help with other regenerative medical services.

Spine Trust

We find that most issues with the spine come from problems early on, for lack of use or injury which could have been remedied if taken care of earlier in life which is probably covered by the medicare or group health insurance plan. So like always "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"

Our goal is to help individuals get and stay healthy and try to keep from having back surgery, especially with a number of people who have failed back surgery syndrome. Working with the What A Relief clinics, rehabilitation and regevenutation is always the first and second course before an operation. We have seen great testimonials come from using the technology along with stem cells.


So when you are wondering how to manage your medical expenses in the future, you should probably start some sort of self-managed savings account so you have funds available to use at your discretion for things that medicare, or your medicare supplemental insurance plan won't cover!

Medicare Supplemental Insurance is a very wise choice, but just remember it is not a 100% solution to our overall care once on medicare...be smart and SAVE!

Medicare Supplement Plan F

Obamacare is phasing out the most comprehensive plan, so by 2020 the medicare supplement plan F will no longer be available. If you have a chance to get this pal, you should before it is gone...we are told that if you have it prior to 2020 you will be able to keep it, but there are no plans scheduled to takes its place leaving seniors stuck with paying a larger part of their medical expenses out of pocket and no hope in site. You might also expect to see an increase by 2020 on Average cost of supplemental health insurance for seniors.