A wedding is one of the most important days for couples, especially when it’s someone you really love and want to spend the rest of your life with. However, a wedding involves a lot of planning and expenses. It almost like, no matter how far ahead one plan, couples would still experience some form of stress, which might be physical or emotional stress. There are a lot of things that could cause stress. Some of the common things include disagreements from parents and in-laws. Others include conflicts with wedding service providers, such as hall decorator, getting a wedding dress, caterer, wedding planner and so on. This article would focus on various ways to reduce wedding stress.

What Is Wedding Stress?

Planning a wedding is quite exciting and stressful. This is because a wedding involves bringing two families together to have a celebration of love and at the same time satisfy all parties, which might be a difficult feat to achieve. Brides and grooms had to look happy and excited on their beautiful day no matter how stressed or tired they are.

Although it’s vital to look excited and beautiful on one of the happiest days of your life, planning a wedding can be a huge and challenging task. Couples would have to bother themselves with the budget, and how not to exceed it, while still trying to have a beautiful wedding. All these and more is what causes wedding stress. It’s essential to avoid stress or keep it at the barest minimum. This is because of the effect of stress on our physical and mental health.

What Are The Signs Of Wedding Stress?

Planning a wedding involves a lot of stress. Couples often get overwhelmed with the planning process, and this might affect their health. Below are some signs you’d notice if you are suffering from wedding stress:

  1. You realize you spend every free time you get on planning a wedding, and wedding related tasks: This is one of the initial signs you’d notice in couples that are stressed and overwhelmed with planning their wedding. They might skip important meals just to do something related to their wedding. They tend to use their short breaks at work for running wedding errands when they should be resting. They get so engrossed in planning their wedding that it becomes a habit, and they barely have time for any other thing. It’s essential to maintain a balance when planning a wedding, so you don’t overwork yourself, and have a mental or physical breakdown. No one wants to be sick or look distressed on their big day. The way to fix this is by planning on how long you’d be spending on planning your wedding in a day. As an illustration, you can dedicate one lunch break per week for planning your wedding.
  2. When your relationship with your partner is being strained: It’s important for your wedding planning to be fun and exciting. It shouldn’t bring any form of worries or sleepless nights. One of the ways of knowing a couple is stressed is when they are no longer excited about it. They just desire to get it over with and move on with their lives. You should pay attention to your partner throughout this process, so you’d know when to slow down. Having a good marriage is more important and significant to have a beautiful wedding, which is usually a day or 2 events. It wouldn’t make sense to sacrifice the happiness of your partner on the altar of having a marriage you desire. The way to fix any strain on your relationship that is caused by wedding planning is by pausing the process, then focus on your partner. You might need to spice things by going on a date just to relieve each other’s tension.
  3. You start questioning all your decisions: One of the signs of knowing you’re stressed as a couple is when you start questioning the decisions you’ve made and start trashing them for new ideas. As an illustration, you might start getting worried if you’ve chosen the wrong reception venue, how much you want to spend on photography or the florist to hire and so on. Changing decisions when the wedding is just months away would only add to your stress and cause more tension. The only way to fix this problem is to pause planning for a few days or weeks, then resuming with a fresher mind, perspective and clearer mind. Taking some time off would help you think clearly, and make the right decisions.
  4. You postpone activities that need to get done immediately: One common thing that happens to couples that are stressed due to wedding planning is that they tend to procrastinate a lot. This mostly affects the things they need to get done immediately or within a short period of time. If you notice you’ve been postponing things that are related to your wedding too regularly, then you might need to relax for a little while. One of the ways of fixing this, especially if your wedding day is really close is by doing the easy and fun things, before tackling the difficult tasks. Examples of simple and fun tasks could include going shopping for rings, watches or shoes.
  5. When you don’t enjoy it anymore: As earlier mentioned, wedding planning should not bring distress or sadness. It should rather be an exciting and fun process. If you realize that the mere thought of it makes you sad, then maybe it’s time to take some time off. It’s important to focus on the good sides and neglecting the depressing part. You have to remind yourself that you’d be getting married to the love of your life. The thought of this should bring a lot of calmness into your life.
  6. Unusual behavior: One of the common signs of stress is that the bride or groom may resume a habit they’ve let go for a long As an illustration, the bride might start smoking again, after quitting smoking for a long time. This is an indication that the individual is stressed and probably having a mental break down. This might also manifest as excessive drinking, headaches, upset stomach, difficulty in breathing, and so on.
  7. Mood changes: This occurs a lot in brides especially when they’re stressed. They often manifest mood changes and develop irritability, anxiety, anger,

frustration and so on. They find themselves snapping at people over trivial things. It’s important to take a pause and relax when you notice these signs.

Overall, you’ve to understand it’s normal to feel some stress when planning your wedding. However, you shouldn’t allow this to persist for a long time. It becomes a problem when it occurs for a long time. The effects of stress can be emotional, mental and physical.

Ways Of Reducing Stress When Planning Your Wedding

Planning a wedding is usually fun and intriguing. However, it can also cause a lot of stress, especially when the couples have a limited resource, and are trying to work with a budget. Apart from finances, there are other things that could put pressure on the couple. Studies have shown that about 53% of stress is caused by parents and in-laws. Below are some tips on how to have a stress-free wedding, or have one with the barest amount of stress:

  1. Prioritize: Studies have shown that 35% of what drive couples crazy are the details involved in planning. Having to think and bother yourself with minute details is a fast way of having a mental breakdown. This is because there are a lot of things to think about, and giving your attention to things that are not of optimum priority would cause you a lot of stress. It’s essential to have a positive attitude on your big day. One way of making things easier for you is by creating a priority list, and decide what exactly you’d be focusing your energy on. Going over your priority list regularly helps you to keep on track, and achieve what you planned to do effectively. Apart from helping the couple get things done rightly, it also helps to cut down cost. Deciding on what you want and allocating the necessary resources to getting it done helps to keep your spending in check.
  2. Communicate: As earlier mentioned, studies have shown that about 53% of couples attributed their biggest stress-causing culprit to parents and in-laws. However, you must understand that the wedding is about you and your partner, and you would be spending the remaining days of your life with this person. This is to show that whatever decisions you make, has to center around your partner and to make them happy. However, you’d have to satisfy your parents and in-laws too, because it’s also their day. It’s more important to consider the opinion of your parents and in-laws if they’d be contributing to the wedding. You have to find a way to maintain a balance between what you want your wedding to look like, and what your parents want. The goal is for everyone to have fun and enjoy themselves on your wedding day.
  3. Always have a back-up plan: It’s essential to have a back-up plan in case things don’t work out as planned. As an illustration, if your plan is to get married in an open field, or near the beach, and during spring. You should ensure that there is a hall nearby, in case of any sudden change in weather, or if it rains. Preparing for the worst case scenarios would help to prevent things from going bad on your big day.
  4. Take care of yourselves: It’s important not to neglect yourself and your partner when planning and running your wedding errands. It’s easy to get drowned in wedding planning. Planning a wedding usually causes a lot of stress and can lead to conditions such as headaches, reduced libido, changes in appetite, mood changes, anxiety, frustration and so on. You should take a pause from running errands whenever you notice that you’re stressed. Some of the symptoms of wedding stress have been listed above. Taking some few days to relax with your partner, binge-watching your favorite show together is a great way of relieving stress, and taking care of yourself. Other ways to reduce stress include eating healthy, working out in the gym, running and so on.
  5. Meditation: Meditation is an effective way of calming your mind. The process of planning a wedding can be stressful and exhausting. People are blowing your phones, demanding various things every day for weeks can be difficult. One way to overcome this stress is by setting apart some time to yourself. This could be some minutes to an hour per day. You should endeavor to switch your phones and isolate yourself. Doing this helps to bring down the blood pressure, and also helps to slow the heart rate down.
  6. Go on dates with your partner: This is one of the most effective ways of reducing wedding stress. It’d get to a point where the couple would be really tired and stressed. It’s important to go on dates and relax, without having to talk about anything related to the wedding. Some of the things that contribute to wedding stress include problems coming from family and friend. Other causes of stress include when one of the couples isn’t fully taking part in the process of planning or getting things done. The wedding ceremony is about celebrating your love for each other. You should not feel pressed or stressed throughout the event. The attitude and joy you radiate have a huge role in determining the mood of the wedding. This is why it’s important to go on a special date night before the wedding.
  7. Spend time with your support network: One of the ways of relieving wedding stress is by not isolating yourself. Have a group of friends and relatives that would support and stand in for you whenever you need them. You have to accept that you can’t run all the errands alone. You’d have to rely on people. As an illustration, the bride can focus on wedding preparations, while she delegates her bridesmaids to handle the decoration of the hall. Although this might not seem like much, it’d tick something off your list. The groom can also get his mates together to play some games or hang out. This would not only help in relieving stress but would give the groom more energy. Overall, getting together with your friends and relatives and just catching up without even talking about anything that could stress is important.
  8. Stay away from technology: Although this might sound impossible and difficult, it’s crucial to dedicate a day where you’d detoxify yourself from technology. Studies have shown that social media could be a major It has been linked with conditions such as depression, anxiety, sleep problems, frustration and so on. This added to wedding stress can be a recipe for a mental breakdown. This is why couples that are planning to get married are advised to take some time off social media. There are some wedding pages on social media that are dedicated to posting picture perfect weddings and videos. Looking through these pages regularly might create an unrealistic image of what your wedding should look like. If you must use your device, then you should remove the applications from your devices.
  9. Make a list: One of the ways of reducing stress is by making a list, and noting down the things you’ve achieved, and yet to do. However, a to-list can also cause some panic, especially when you have a lot of things on the list you still need to do. This is why it’s crucial to start your wedding planning at least a year before the wedding date. Doing this would significantly reduce the pressure associated with the wedding.
  10. Exercise regularly: Exercise is one of the ways of de-stressing. Although exercise helps us to maintain and keep a healthy weight, it also helps to relieve stress. Apart from exercising regularly, it’s equally important to eat healthily. You should endeavor to consume a balanced diet. Exercise also helps to eliminate anxiety, panic attack, depression and other psychological conditions that can be induced by stress. A moderate exercise that runs for at least 150 minutes is recommended per week. This could be in the form of cardio, such as running, cycling, swimming, and strength training. However, you should ensure you don’t get yourself injured whilst doing this.
  11. Avoid a crash diet: Couples preparing to get wedded usually go on a crash diet to lose some weight before their big day. However, this isn’t healthy. Studies have shown that going on a crash diet can make you feel sluggish, irritable and tired. Affected persons can also present with headaches and bad breath. It has been shown that not eating a balanced diet can cause symptoms such as thinning of the hair and dull skin. The healthy and right way of losing weight is by shedding an average of 1kg per week. This can be done by reducing your calories intake and exercising.
  12. Sleep well: Persons affected with sleep problems do present with symptoms such as anxiety, irritability, and It’s important for couples whose big day is close to get sufficient sleep. It’s impossible to execute all your wedding plans when you don’t get enough sleep. One of the ways of doing this is by having a sleep routine. You can decide not to make use of your gadgets when it’s one hour to your sleep time. You can also shower, meditate before going to bed. This would help sleep well and also have a well-rested mind.

                  What Are the Effects of Wedding Stress On Health?

Planning a marriage can be a tedious task. However, it’s essential to find ways to relieve yourself and also avoid the stress that comes with it. Below are some of the effects of stress on human health:

  1. Stress can cause an impairment of the memory: Studies have shown that stress can cause a shrink of the hippocampus. This part of the brain is responsible for controlling short-term If you realize that you’re becoming forgetful, it might be your hippocampus not functioning correctly, and this should be the cue to taking a break and relaxing. As suggested earlier, you could go on a date with your partner, or have a get together with your family and friends, just to unwind.
  2. Abdominal upset: Couples preparing for their wedding might suddenly develop abdominal discomfort. This has been attributed to stress and constant worry. The physical and emotional stress experienced by patients usually triggers the release of stress hormone in the digestive system, which would lead to symptoms such as nausea and stomach irritation. So whenever you notice any form of abdominal upset, it might just be time for you to take a pause, or delegate your wedding planning responsibilities to someone else momentarily.
  3. Skin breakouts: This mostly occurs in ladies. This occurs because of intense stress. The process of wedding planning requires a lot of energy and attention. This might cause both emotional and physical stress to the patient. The skin breakout occurs because of the increase in blood cortisol, which would lead to an increase in the release of waxy oil from the sebaceous glands. The condition usually worsens when the individual already has oily
  4. Common cold: Studies have shown that stress reduces the immunity of people. This is why couples preparing for their wedding, and going through a lot of mental and physical stress are prone to developing a common The high level of cortisol in their blood causes suppresses their immunity, leading to a common cold, which might be caused by microbes such as bacteria and viruses.
  5. Nosebleeds: There have been cases where couples present with nosebleeds. This mostly occurs during hot summers. Studies have shown that stress can lead to an increase in blood This also might have an effect in the vessels of the nose. This is why patients might present with nose bleedings. All you need to do to improve these symptoms is applying an icepack on the nose, and getting sufficient sleep every night. It’s recommended that persons affected with this condition sleep for at least 6 to 8 hours every night.
  6. Excessive sweating: Persons going through a lot of physical stress tend to sweat a lot. One of the signs of knowing that you’re stressed is that you would sweat profusely. You should take a break when you notice this.


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