Back Pain from Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

Back Pain from Failed back surgery syndrome (also called FBSS, or failed back syndrome) is a misnomer, as it is not actually a syndrome – it is a very generalized term that is often used to describe the condition of patients who have not had a successful result with back surgery or spine surgery and have experienced continued back pain.

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome Treatment Options

Many of these people have found relief with the What A Relief program utilizing the DBC AMERICA technology!




Back Pain from Failed back surgery syndrome

What A Relief – Back Pain Technology


Millions of American’s suffer from Back Pain, and many go on to have chronic back pain. Pain surgery or pain from a failed surgery can go on for a lifetime but may have options available with a new technology that has shown over 150,000 positive outcomes.


Fail surgery syndrome

Pain from a spinal surgery can be debilitating and require a lifetime of care, you may want to try the active spine care restoration program for relief.

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spinal surgeries are costly and could end up needing spine surgeries treatment for failed surgery patient syndrome. Most people suggest a 2nd opinion nad look for many alternative solutions prior to a first or even a second syndrome surgery.

Does Medicare Pay For all treatments?

Funny thing is medicare does allow for many options, in fact they want to try several less expensive treatment plans before the do the more expensive plans. many back surgeons report that they can only operate on 6-8% of all the people who come to them because they are not “BAD ENOUGH” or they don’t qualify medically for medicare or insurance to pay.

Do Medicare Supplements Pay for natural back pain treatments?

If medicare pays a doctor or provider say the first 80% of your expenses then that is when your supplement picks up the balance depending on what supplement you have!

Can I pay for my treatment with my HSA?

Most people find that many alternative back pain solutions can be picked up with their health savings account, and that looks like it will only get better with TRUMPCARE!

Minimally Invasive Back Pain Treatment options

  • PSTEM is a technology that is done by an MD or RNP that provides electrical current to the vagus nerve from a micro injection spot in the ear that is designed to provide relief.
  • Micro Current or electrical medicine is often used as means to relief.
  • Stem Cells typically HUCT STEM CELLS are injected in the area where the problem resides in order to stimulate natural growth and provide the body a recovery path which often provides relief.
  • Minimally Invasive Back Pain Surgery is often an option where a small incision is used to reach the target with state of the art, FDA-cleared devices that can help minimize and even eliminate back pain for many.

10 Best Practices for Back Pain Relief


  1. Drink plenty of water, sounds simple but it does help your body do what it is designed to do.
  2. KEEP MOVING, your body is designed to move and the best prevention is not to get in a place where you are stagnant that is often when a tref py sets in.
  3. Use technology designed to provide long-term results.
  4. Always get a 2nd opinion
  5. ITS YOUR BODY, you do know best! So take the advice of all the smart people around you…but at the end of the day you know your body best, so be wise and seek the council of very smart people you trust.
  6. Get referrals for friends and family
  7. Check review sites
  8. Look at medical backgrounds, and credential
  9. See and review studies, and peer reviewed documentation
  10. ITS YOUR BODY, ITS YOUR CHOICE! DONT EVER DO ANYTHING UNTIL YOU ARE COMFORTABLE. If you need to take a break or want to take a few days to think, they work for you! it’s ok to say NO!

Natural Back Pain Relief