When families look at the myriad healthcare questions facing them, one of the first items to be put aside is vision care. Even though eyesight is one of the most important of God’s gifts to us, most people take it for granted so make sure you find the Best Eye Doctor near You to keep your sight and health in-check.

Eye Doctors for Kids

For children, the biggest threat is either near- or far-sightedness. This usually manifests itself in the early school years as student struggle to read the white board or smartboard in their classrooms. Every parent responds almost immediately to concerns raised by teachers when they see children squint to try to focus. But the need for regular eye examinations does not end with childhood.

Regular eye care is critical to good health. Not only do our eyes require regular examinations, they are a window into our overall good health. First of all, annual eye examinations can detect vision problem well before you notice them. Everything from simple near- or far-sightedness to more serious concerns like glaucoma and cataracts can be discovered during the regular examinations.

Eye Doctors who specialize in 65 and older

As we get older, the risks to our eyesight increase, and so does the need for regular examinations. Unfortunately, most of us are counter-intuitive about eye examinations. We know our bodies require more care as we age, but we put aside regular eye examinations. However, most families make sure young children get their examinations. While children do need their examinations, adults and seniors need them as well.

As we age, our ability to see in low light levels can fade. The trip to the optometrist will help identify that and provide solutions. Cataracts – a condition that causes the lens of the eye to become opaque reducing the ability to see – is another malady that regular eye examinations can catch before it puts eyesight at risk. With modern eye surgery, cataracts can be managed and even removed and the eye’s lens can be replaced with an artificial lens, restoring vision. Early detection and treatment can prevent one of the primary causes of blindness. That detection can be missed without regular eye examinations.

Eye Health drives overall health and things like Diabetic Retinopathy

Beyond protecting our sight, eye examinations can give insight into other potential maladies, including diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, as well as cancer and cancerous tumors. Not only are the eyes the window to the soul, they are window into our overall condition – and that is especially the case for seniors..

So, that regular visit to the optometrist is as important to our overall health as is the regular visit to a primary care physician. Our bodies are complicated machines and almost every component is interconnected with other components. Our eyes are no exception to that rule. It just makes good sense to take advantage of this window into our wellbeing, and protect that precious gift of sight.

Children, adults, and seniors all benefit from regular eye examinations – and to neglect this important part of our health care is both foolhardy and potentially dangerous.  It is easy to find an optometrist who can examine your eyes and determine how best to treat any vision deficiencies and provide guidance to improve your overall health.