Call Mom Cell is on of the top voice function on mobile devices. We are tracking the utilization of voice commands and have found several other interesting facts.

Just in time for mothers day, it’s not too shocking that one of the top calls in this category is CALL MOM, CALL MOMS CELL, CALL MY MOM, and CALL MOMMY, CALL MAMA! MOM ranks #1 for who to call, topping 1 million searches a month mostly made up of what we believe to be mis-searches(MIS-DIAL) thanks to the mobile devices and smartphones.


Top 10 Voice Searches related to call moms cell

Call My Wife

Call my wife gets close to 100,000 searches a month

Call Wifey

Topping off the top calls, again with a flair toward the mothers or potential mothers the lovely ladies in our life get a ton of calls!!!!!

Call Dads Cell

Call Dads Cell gets over 60,000 searches a monthTeh top names

Top 10 names mis-searched

  • Call Kelly
  • Call Brian
  • Call Steve
  • Call Kevin
  • Call Mike
  • Call Santa
  • Call Amazon
  • Call Babe
  • Call Brian
  • Call David
  • Call Work
  • Call 1-800-MEDIGAP

These in the top 10 along with many more get up to 50,000 searches a month!

Is there something to be said about technology? Is voice or mobile search geared more toward women that men? With the data above, one might think guys get called by girls using smartphones more than girls by guys. That might go along with the fact women talk 5 times (if not more( than men?

We will continue tracking this interesting fact and let you know how it goes!

Happy Mothers day! So now GO CALL MOMS CELL