Summer is long gone, and we are all clothed in our winter jackets. Unless you are on vacation to a warm country, you understand what I’m talking about. Many of us reveled in the Sun and its radiance, some of us were almost always half naked. After all, studies have stressed the importance of sunlight and vitamin D, not to talk of the anti-depressive nature of the sun as well. Therefore, it was necessary and healthy to bask in the glory of the sun. However, not everybody could show off their body half naked in the summer. Some people had skin diseases that made them just uncomfortable to enjoy the sun and their health. If you enjoyed healthy skin during the summer, you still want to maintain it. Good health is crucial, and the largest organ, the skin, definitely requires attention.

If you didn’t enjoy the summer, or healthy skin or your loved one is the person battling with skin disease(s), please seek urgent help and don’t self-medicate. You definitely want it fixed before the next summer. Even if that’s not the reason, just having your skin healthy alone in itself is enough reason to get adequate treatment. There are several dermatologists capable of helping you to restore the former glory and perfection of your skin.


Skin Conditions & Treatments

Several skin diseases compromise the integrity of your healthy skin.  There are common skin conditions, which can really be annoying. However, these skin conditions are quite treatable by specialized doctors of the skin, referred to as dermatologists. Skin conditions that affect people are as follows:

  • Summer Skin Irritants

Maybe you even entered the summer season with no problems, and it was during the sunny weather that you had your skin conditions. Sometimes, it is a case of precaution and luck to avoid the possible skin irritants in summer. Poison ivy is a plant that is dubbed as one of the commonest skin irritants that are predominant in summer. Putting on long pants, long sleeves, and gloves during summer is quite unusual, but you should wear lights ones to protect yourself when you are going camping, or to the cabin in the woods. It is important to be able to identify poison ivy when you see it, so as to avoid it. However, if it occurs wash off with water promptly. The rashes that come with skin irritants may show up a day or two after your skin has come in contact with the plant. Apart from poison ivy, there are other irritating plants like oak and sumac.



Dermatologists prescribe topical treatments, corticosteroids, to alleviate the symptoms caused by contacts with irritants during the summer period. There are some cases when patients turn up to their dermatologists with blisters from accidentally rubbing their body against poison ivy. Just be rest assured that you are in capable hands of medical professionals that are specialized and experienced in taking care of skin conditions.

  • Acne

Acne is one of those skin conditions that almost every human has to experience. There was a comedy in 2016, titled late bloomer, about a guy who had delayed puberty due to a benign tumor in his brain. The consequences of the sudden puberty was overwhelming, one of the obvious ones was the acne phase. It was horrible just seeing what he had to go through.

Acne comes and leaves with puberty for most people, but for some, it can persist for more extended periods and become a nuisance. Just going about with red spots is enough embarrassment for some, but some of the lumps come with their own pain, which can be unbearable at times despite their minute size. There is nowhere on the body that acne cannot be found, it is found predominantly on the face. However, pimples also get to the neck, the chest, the shoulders, and the back in some cases.


Acne is managed by dermatologists with antibiotics and topical creams. Dermatologists can also give relieving gels and ointments with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid to help. However, if the acne is severe, then you may have to use facial cleansers, dermal therapies, skin procedures, and stronger antibiotics to alleviate the pain and condition.

If it is not adequately treated, it can leave scars on the skin of the person, especially the face. However, the dermatologist can remove these scars, you don’t have to conceal them all your life. Procedures like laser resurfacing, light therapy, dermabrasion, microdermabrasion, and soft fillers are very popular ways a dermatologist can assist you in reviving the silkiness and radiance of your skin.

  • Red Moles or Cherry Angiomas

Red moles are common red or purple growths on the skin. They have several names such as cherry angiomas, senile angiomas, or Campbell de Morgan spots. This skin condition happens as a result of the aggregation of capillaries beneath the skin. Cherry angiomas come in different sizes, and they can expand with time, but they are rarely dangerous. Unless there is a case of hemorrhage associated with, there is no need to worry about it or seek treatment except for cosmetic purposes. If you do harbor any worries, reach out to a dermatologist, they are consultants in the field of skin and its management.


  • Actinic Keratosis

Certain skin conditions such as actinic keratosis creep unto you without realizing them. The summer sun was lovely on most days, but the too much exposure is also risky. Many people enjoy the sun, but there are chances of developing scaly patches that leave rough spots on your body. The spots can appear at any point of your body especially the upper body. Solar keratosis as it is also called is one of those skin patches that are precancerous. It may take a long time to develop into the cancerous form, but there are chances of them becoming cancerous. It is more predominant in fair-skinned people. Once, you notice a scaly patch on your skin that is painful, or bleeding, or swelling suddenly, do not assume, get it diagnosed as soon as possible.

While getting the green-light for the movie, The Greatest Showman, Hugh Jackman, who was the lead protagonist of the film, which was a musical, had to remove skin cancer from his nose that was diagnosed early. He was warned not to sing for the potential executive producers who were seated, so as not to compromise the integrity of the stitches. However, being the performer he is known to be especially the mutant clawed Wolverine, he could not help but to enter the singing circle.

At the top of his voice, he won the hearts of the executives, who financed the movie project eventually. Although he ripped his stitches, he was lucky to have it fixed in time for him to shoot the movie, his performance got him an Oscar nomination.

Therefore, early diagnosis cannot be overstressed, even when it is a precancerous scaly patch. Imagine the devastation that could have followed years later if Hugh Jackman did not go in for the diagnosis, we would lose a remarkable actor, who is a husband and father. Removing actinic keratosis or any growth can be done in several ways such as cryosurgery, surgical excision, chemical peels, curettage, topical medications, laser surgery, and dermabrasion.

  • Blisters

Blisters are somewhat circular and fluid-filled bumps that are found on the skin, after a bite, or as a result of an allergic reaction, an infection, or more commonly due to burns. The most important thing to note about blisters is to keep the integrity of the fluid-filled pocket intact if it ruptures then, greater care is even required to protect it from infection. Contact a dermatologist as soon as you notice any blister, so they can it be adequately looked after and treated specially in the case of an allergy or inflammation.


  • Scabies

Scabies is a stubborn skin disease that itches ridiculously and can cause tiny bumps, especially within skin folds. Tiny mites that bite and hide under the skin causes it. Warm places that are prone to pressure and folds like the armpits, knees, fingers because they are flexed a lot, and the pelvic region, the shoulder area, as well as the feet. This is one of the skin diseases that can be transmitted on contact with an infected person. There’s a significant likelihood that if one person in a room has it, others have it as well. However, the treatment is readily available. Topical medications are prescribed, and the mites will die, even if they are just eggs. If you have been having persistent itching, consult with a dermatologist.

  • Vitiligo

This is a skin condition that has been celebrated and accepted in the public eye due to the actions of a few celebrities. When Michael Jackson, the late King of Pop claimed he had the disease it had been as accepted. Jackson credited the illness as the reason for the transformation from being someone with dark skin to a fair one.

It became a controversy as a result of that, as many thought he was ashamed of being dark-skinned and the disease was only a sham. However, an autopsy confirmed that the record-breaking thriller megastar, as a matter of fact, had the disease.

The new face of the vitiligo has been Winnie Harlow, the Canadian fashion model. She has been very open about the skin condition. She has spoken about the verbal abuse and harassment she endured growing up because of the skin condition. Winnie Harlow made a cameo in Beyoncé’s Lemonade album as well as the 21st installment of America’s Next Top Model.

Vitiligo is as a result of the depigmentation of the skin. As vivid as the skin condition is, it has no life-threatening effects. The exact cause of the disease is yet to be discovered, because of that there is no definite cure. However, some modern procedures can be used to restore some of the lost color pigment. Dermatologists help restore some of the lost color pigment with topical medications, light therapy, and the excimer laser.




It is crucial to get to a dermatologist nearest to you to get diagnosed and treated. The earlier the diagnosis, the better for the prognosis. Other skin conditions worthy of mentioning include the ones listed below.

  • Warts
  • Cold Sores
  • Dry Skin
  • Eczema
  • Rashes
  • Rosacea
  • Fungal Nail Infections
  • Melasma
  • Scars
  • Shingles
  • Skin Allergies – Contact Dermatitis
  • Skin Cancer & Treatments
  • Moles


  • Psoriasis

Psoriasis is identified as a thick, scaly, white or red patches of skin that are called plaques. It is quite common. Unfortunately, it is more severe than the rest, it is an autoimmune disease. It works by speeding up the lifecycle of skin cells, which causes buildup and aggregations. The plaques are itchy and painful with a lot of discomforts associated with the skin condition. Dermatologists treat Psoriasis by trying to get rid of the plaques and stop the speedy growth of the skin cells. Dermatologists prescribe topical creams, and they can use light therapy and other medications to manage the skin condition as well.

The occurrence of skin condition may seem to be more prevalent during the summer period, but it can happen anytime. Winter period may assist in hiding one’s skin from others, which is why you should get to a dermatologist if you or your loved ones have any skin condition. Dermatologists are well-trained doctors who have even gone for further specialized training on the skin. They are well used to cases of skin diseases, they are experienced about its prevention, and they are skilled at treating the diseases.

It is one thing to know you have a skin disease, it is another thing to understand the particular condition you have because sometimes it could be a symptom of a rare systemic disorder. This is why it is always advisable to visit a dermatologist, you can always get the best information with them. Your health is important, and your skin is the first barrier to invading organisms, you should take good care of it.