If you struggle with color blindness and are used to getting statements to link this or seeing a test like these then you have found the right article. We will give you an alternative to the normal, provide you with 4-5 lenses to try on in your own home and outside for 21 days and you return only the color blind glasses you do not want to keep.


100% money back guarantee (less $100.00 testing fees)

Color Blind Test  #1

  • Normal Vision
  • Deuteranopia Vision Test
  • Protanopia Vision
  • Tritanopia Vision








Color Blind Test #2





Color Blind Test #3









Color Blind Test #4







Results can be instantly great for some and for others it may take a little longer time to adjust this color blind glasses. We suggest focusing on one colour at a time and remove and replace the glasses to see the difference. You may suddenly see some colors for the first time and other colors becoming richer with a warmer tone. Our color blind glasses can also be used indoors for television.

  • Please research your color blind type before making a purchase. This color blind glasses work best for Mild Medium / Strong colour blind affected people. It will also make the perfect gift.
  • Please do not buy and return if your expectations are very high. Some color blind people will see much improvement in certain colors and not so much in others. But They will be very very happy because they could re-recognize and watch the world.
  • These glasses feature a proprietary color-enhancing coating that helps people with color vision deficiency (CVD) by amplifying the sense of color. This glasses is not to provide full-color vision to a color blind person. It does not provide full-color view like
  • The glasses are an optical assistive device; they are not a cure for color blindness. DO NOT endorse use of this product to pass occupational screening tests. Glasses are designed to fit young adults but are not designed for large fitting.