Jumbo Hard Money Bankers

Jumbo Hard Money Loans

In today’s economic climate and banking so tight there is a new surge in HARD MONEY and Alternative money sources.

Top 10 ways to get alternative cash for your real estate deal

  1. Leverage credit cards with low interest or now interest for short term needs. Not a great idea if you are not 100% sure it can be paid back in time, but may work are a bridge loan.
  2. Family and Friends…Pride typically keeps us from using these options but they are a much better source than losing a deal or not getting into the home of your dreams.
  3. Home Equity Loan from other properties.
  4. Cash Advance on hard assets
  5. Sell a lesser property or lend against it.
  6. Secure Line of Credit from a bank or lending institution
  7. pREIT- Put together a private realestate investment trust (pREIT) and collect investors to participate with a guaranteed return. All friends, family and others to join. This is for much larger deals since the start up costs are pretty high.
  8. Loan Shark
  9. Partner with a few other like minded people, create a LLC or INC and have the business buy the property and then pay the business this will give everyone a return and you the property of your dreams.
  10. Jumbo Hard Money


Jumbo Hard Money

You will typically pay points and higher interest with a jumbo hard money deal but sometimes it makes sense to get deals done.

Top 10 reasons people take Jumbo Hard Money Loans

  1. Speed
  2. Less Paperwork
  3. Been turned down by Fannie/Freddie
  4. Don Qualify for conventional
  5. You have too many other loans
  6. Need a bridge
  7. Bad Credit
  8. Self Employed
  9. Cash Poor / Paper Rich
  10. Loan Requirements are too high for bank lending.


The Future or lending

We believe with low interest rates people are willing to jump through tons of hoops and they are as the system gets tighter and tighter. Many people are still being pushed out, but as the rates start to climb those who have been pushed out will not be the only people looking for Jumbo Hard Money as it will get tighter and tighter pushing more and more families into ALTERNATIVE JUMBO MORTGAGE LOANS.

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