How to pick the right pain management doctor near me!

There are several types of pain management doctors and you need to understand your options. They typically come in 2 payment options: (PAYOR BUCKETS)

1) Pain Management doctors who take insurance for services like Stem Cell Therapy!
2)Pain Management Doctors who take medicare
3)Pain management doctors who take cash (no insurance, only credit cards, payment plans and cash) These are known as the direct bill or white glove doctors.

NEXT, are they their own boss or do they work for someone else?

this will play into how you get serviced, billed and how the doctor gets paid which may impact overall care as well as a course of treatment or action.

-They are their own boss

-They work for a group

-They are part of a network

-They don’t typically work for medical charity

Once you understand that there are good doctors in each you will realize then that there are different doctors with different specialties.

1) the doctors who have figured out how to get paid by the insurance company to do a service
2) the doctors who have a good understanding of the insurance billing codes and realize if they install or do more expensive things they will get paid more.

3) the doctors that focus on a product or device that makes them a lot of money

4) the doctors who work for cash

Now that you know some of the BIG BUSINESS of healthcare it is up to you to make choices for your care.


SO here are some thoughts, that you might have:

  • Based on how I can pay what is the best option for me?
  • Can I afford to pay out of pocket for something that I believe will help me but insurance or medicare will not cover. IS IT WORTH IT TO ME?
  • Have I take all first-line options off the table or are their other options my provider can give me?
  • Do I need to speak to a doctor in the different payor buckets above to see what my options are based on how the providers will get paid
  • Do I want Drugs or Natural…typically natural is not covered by insurance?
  • who is going to pay the bill, if it is me I AM IN CONTROL?



  • Insurance rates are different than if you go in and ask for the CASH RATES! You might pay 60% less in many cases if you are a CASH PAYOR!
  • Medicare and Insurance pay slow, and negotiate the rates with the doctors so they make less than if you pay cash…so many of the best doctors are going to Cash pay “NO INSURANCE”
  • everything is negotiable!!!!
  • You have option
  • YOUR CARE IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, Question everything!!!!!!!