Stem Cell Injection Dallas Texas

Garland Texas and Rockwall Texas may be the go-to areas for this new HUCT STEM CELL INFUSION therapy in the middle part of the states.

There are clinics on each coast, but because of the DFW international airport it is a much less expensive treatment to fly into Dallas than to go to LA or FL.

The demand for stem cell injections and Stem cell infusions are on the rise with so many positive results coming from normal people just like you and me, and a doctor who lives in Rockwall is bringing it to individuals who have tried everything else and already to utilize healthy baby-healthy mommy umbilical harvested stem cells.

Stem Cell Injection Garland TX
Most of the treatments will be done in office, at the Garland Texas clinic with an opportunity to have treatment in Rockwall Texas.

Stem Cell infusions Rockwall TX

Many clients prefer the Rockwall Texas clinic to receive their stem cell infusions because after a long day of travel and a very quick procedure they can check into the Hilton Harbor right on the lake and make it like a miniature med vacation before they leave out the next day through DFW after having their stem cell infusion procedure.


Stem Cell Infusion Costs

The stem cells that have the highest count and seem to have some of the best results are very high quality HQ CT stem cells that are harvested from healthy mommies and healthy baby's umbilical cord. There is a high demand for high-quality stem cells which brings a price four and a junction upwards of $5000.

HUCT STEM CELLS - West Coast Cost

1/4 CC $3000.00

1/2 CC $4000.00

Full CC $5000.00

HUCT STEM CELLS - East Coast Cost

1/4 CC $3000.00

1/2 CC $4000.00

Full CC $5000.00


HUCT STEM CELLS - Rockwall Texas

1/4 CC $2000.00

1/2 CC $2500.00

Full CC $3000.00


These typically include consultation and education but does not include airfare or hotel stay! For more information call 972.800.6670

Stem Cell Injection Concierge Service

For more information call 972.800.6670