Stem cell knee injections costs, process and things you should know.

Stem Sells could be the future of healthcare

Cost of Stem cell knee injections

A typical HUCT injection will run $3900-$6500

Stem cell knee injections procedure time

THe procedure will take less than 7 minutes, the longest time is the paperwork and the wait!

Stem cell knee injections HACK

Many people have 1 know that hurts, and once it has had stem cell injections within a few weeks many of the patients feel their opposite knee hurting. It did not start hurting, it has been hurting but the pain in the other knee was greater so you felt it and that is why you should do both knees at the same time. You will save time and money, and be glad you did!

Make sure you get an FDA registered lab if you purchase HUCT or Umbilical Cells!

The future of regenerative medicine

Abstract on Lung Cancer and possible stem cell options including exosomes

Lung cancer is responsible for the highest rate of cancer mortality worldwide. Lung cancer patients are often ineligible for tumor biopsies due to comorbidities. As a result, patients may not have the most effective treatment regimens administered. Patients with mutations in the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) have improved survival in response to EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors. A noninvasive method of determining EGFR mutations in patients would have promising clinical applications. Exosomes have the potential to be noninvasive novel diagnostic markers in cancer. Using MS analysis, we identify differentially abundant cell and exosome proteins induced by mutations in p53 and EGFR in lung cells. Importantly, mutations in p53 and EGFR alter cell and exosome protein content compared to an isogenic normal lung epithelial cell. For some proteins, mutation had similar effects in the cell of origin and exosomes. Differences between the cells of origin and exosomes were also apparent, which may reflect specific packaging of proteins into exosomes. These findings that mutations alter protein abundance in exosomes suggest that analysis of exosomes may be beneficial in the diagnosis of oncogenic mutations. Great news for the future of healthcare and those suffering with this condition.


RECENT UPDATES: We have collected a few patient testimonials and published them for your review.

Stem Cell Injection Testimonial 

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