Stem cell leads, marketing and advertising to increase practice patient referrals and optimize clinic business for injections and IV therapy

Stem Cells wholesale

In the United States there are three main tissue labs that provide the majority of the Stem Cells two providers across the country as well as there are several out of country options but they are not regulated by the FDA like the US to she labs.

Stem Cells protocols

There are several protocols for Stem Cell aZ me and Stem Cells and junctions by doctors, clinicians and other practitioners in the stem cell industry however most trained medical providers augment those protocols to meet the needs of their patients

How to set up a stem cell practice

Most practices are already equipped to provide stem cell injections if they are already doing any other types of injections and the same thing goes for those practices doing IV treatments there are only a few missing pieces but it is very inexpensive to incorporate stem cell business into your current practice, then the key becomes how do you communicate your practice is doing stem cell treatments and generating patient increased or referrals.

Where to obtain human umbilical stem cell products

All three main tissue labs in the United States provide umbilical Stem Cells, however they may have their own mix or have created a highbred product with placenta products so make sure you and your patience know which product in treatment is best for their particular needs

Stem Cell tissue labs in the United States

The top 10 stems are providers in the United States get all their tissue and Stem Cells product from three main US tissue labs that are regulated by the FDA

Handling of Stem Cells prior to treatment

Clinics are required to have a sub 18° freezer in their practice to hold stem cell prior to treatment or they can order real time and have shipped on dry ice the day prior for early-morning treatments

Stem cell doctor network

Many doctors in white glove concierge medicine providers are coming together to share referrals across country to ensure those looking for treatment or injections get what they are looking for when it comes to stem cell injections or IV therapy, joining a network of other doctors will allow consumers to have better access to services required

Stem Cells directory

Over 200,000 engagements a month in the regeneration health specialties that indicate stem cell injections are in high demand in on the rise connecting through local stem cell directories is a great way for both the client and the provider to quickly connect to ensure for needed results