Stem Cell Training for Physicians (Must be an MD, DO, DC,OD or Licensed provider in your state)

Stem Cells are the future of regenerative medicine, and many doctors are adding stem cell treatments to their existing practices. This is an opportunity to get exactly what you need to add stem cells to your busy practice or if you are wanting to start a stand-alone stem cell clinic.

  • Stem Cell Training for Physicians by an MD with 10 years of experience
  • Live one on one access to Ph.D. with 15 years of lab experience
  • Training Videos
  • Protocols from a working doctor in the field
  • Back Office technology
  • Stem Cells Wholesale List
  • Client CRM
  • Client Referal and Marketing options
  • Legal Documents to incorporate into your practice
  • Seminar Marketing Platform
  • Access to ex CDC employee now working in a tissue lab
  • Live Clinic Training in an operational environment
  • Clinic Review Management Tools
  • Technical Support from Ph.D. and MD with combined 25 years of practical experience
  • Stem Cell Counter Results
  • Doctor Marketing Blog
  • News Syndication of protocols, and clinic stories
  • Publication Options of national syndication
  • High Viability Products
  • Where to Buy Stem Cells online

If you need anything listed above please call 972-800-6670 for assistance!