Health Mother / Healthy Baby Live Birth Stem Cells are the most popular wholesale stem cells.

There are only a few tissue labs in the USA that are FDA regulated.


Top Wholesale stem cells

  • Wharton's Jelly - 100% pulled directly from the  Wharton's jelly live birth.
  • Human Umbilical Cell Tissue (HUCT) - Derived from the umbilical cord during a c-section of a health delivery.
  • Placenta Stem Cells -From delivery derived from the placenta
  • Amniotic Stem Cells -Extracted from the Fluid
  • Hybrid Stem Cells - A mixture of HUCT and Placenta Stemcells
  • CUP STEM Cells - An advanced mixture of Hybrid Stem Cells and patented products
  • Cord Blood Stem Cells

Regenerative Medicine and Cell-based therapies are already improving the lives of people suffering from damage to tissues resulting from injury, disease, or age all over the world. The rapid expansion of scientific knowledge offers great promise for continuing advances in this field of medicine. As research moves forward, the opportunities for more extensive patient treatments is continuing to grow at a rapid pace daily with millions of searches and engagamnets for providers willing to help.

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