I am a cyclist; a cyclist who sweats what seems like gallons every time I ride. I’ve always had the problem of sweat getting in my eyes. This isn’t, however, just a little sweat drop grazing my eyes every once in a while – it’s a lot of stinging, salty sweat. Because of this sweating, I needed to invest in a sweat headband early on in my cycling career. There are several reasons why I chose GUTR sweatbands over Halo headbands.

GUTR Sweatbands

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What is The Difference Between Sweat GUTR vs Halo Headband

I have purchased both the Halo and GUTR headbands, and have used both while cycling. The difference between the two is pretty amazing. Although the Halo headbands worked pretty well, I prefer the GUTR sweatbands; and here’s why why I chose GUTR sweatbands over Halo headbands.

The Halo sweatband has a tendency to hold a tremendous amount of heat due to it’s large surface area. As a cyclist, this isn’t something that I want. I want a product that will do the job while simultaneously allowing my head to breathe; I already get enough coverage when I wear my helmet.

This is why I decided to try the Sweat GUTR headband. I was definitely skeptical at first, thinking that it would be uncomfortable to wear due to it’s plastic-y, rubbery composition. However, I was pleasantly surprised., and this is one reason why I chose GUTR sweatbands over Halo headbands. The Sweat GUTR sweatband did an amazing job.

Why GUTR is the Best Cycling Sweatband for Helmets

The GUTR headband fits so well underneath my helmet, I sometimes forget that I am wearing it. With the Halo sweatband, I had to wring it out at least every 45 minutes. For longer rides, this was extremely annoying and inconvenient. With the Sweat GUTR sweatband, I had to do no such thing – it rolled right off of it. The channel that is fixed across the forehead acts as a “gutter” that collects the sweat rolling down my forehead and deposits it on the side of my face. This is another reason why I chose GUTR sweatbands over Halo headbands.

I also had to wash the Halo headband in the washing machine. I know this is fairly common with sweatbands, but it was more inconvenient that I thought it would be. I always forgot to wash it. Since the Sweat GUTR headband is completely water-resistant, all I need to do is rinse it with a little soap and water. I can’t express to you how much time this has saved me. Another great reason that I chose GUTR sweatbands over Halo headbands.

What is the Most Comfortable Sweat Headband

On top of the water-resistance, the Sweat GUTR headband is completely adjustable. My head is shaped a little differently than others, so I was afraid that the GUTR sweatband might not fit well. However, the sweatband I ordered from GUTR has an adjustable closure system. The sweatbands have elastic closure bands that connect velcro straps on both sides. This allows the sweatband to be fitted to the exact size and shape of my head. A very important reason why I chose GUTR sweatbands over Halo headbands.

Sometimes, I’ll secure it a little too tightly, but it adjusts to my head as my body temperature increases. This was an incredible feature that I couldn’t find in most other sweatbands. Additionally, since the tension was evenly distributed around the head, there were no line indentions made on my head. On occasion, there is a little redness, but that goes away within seconds.

Cheap Head Sweatbands

GUTR sweatbands are slightly more expensive than the ones offered by Halo headbands – the Halo headband is around $15 and the Sweat GUTR headband is around $20. This might seem fairly expensive for something as simple as a sweatband, but with a GUTR headband, it is definitely worth the investment.

The material that Sweat GUTR headbands are made out of makes it super long lasting and durable. It’s the only sweatband that you’ll need for at least a year – mine has actually lasted longer.

Best Quality Sweat Headbands

Other headbands fall apart easily, forcing you to replace them fairly often. I had this problem before switching to GUTR – I probably spent more money on replacing traditional bands than I’ve spent on my long lasting GUTR headband. The quality of traditional headbands fall way short of the superb Sweat GUTR sweatbands.

I was curious as to what material GUTR uses to make their sweatbands, so I looked it up and was surprised to find out that they are made out of a PVC compound. When I read “PVC,” I immediately thought of pipes. To be quite honest, it didn’t sound comfortable. But to my surprise, it is! Also, after further research, I discovered that the PVC compound is hypoallergenic. This is great for somebody like me who has sensitive skin. My skin is never irritated while wearing the Sweat GUTR headband.

Best Workout Headbands for Sweat

In addition to cycling, I also run, row, and do yard work. I have found that the GUTR headband also does great for these activities as well. When running, I tend to bounce up and down more so than when I’m riding a bike. I was afraid that the sweat might bounce out of the channel in the GUTR sweatband, but was pleasantly surprised that it did no such thing. When I’m rowing, I rock from side to side easily and the Sweat GUTR headband works like a charm.

Also, for yard work, GUTR headbands are great, especially mowing and weed whacking. It keeps me from touching my face to wipe the sweat out of eyes. Before wearing a sweatband, I would unintentionally rub dirt in my eyes – very unpleasant, especially when mixed with sweat. I am constantly surprised and impressed with the effectiveness of the Sweat GUTR sweatband.

I love with my Sweat GUTR headband; I would recommend it to anyone engaging in any sort of physical activity.

You can choose from several colors, or buy one of each and share with your friends.The Gutr sweatband comes in the following colors: Smoke, Frost


Review of the Sweat GUTR Headband

Sweat is not getting into my eyes all thanks to the Sweat GUTR sweatband.
I’m going to talk to y’all today about this cool headband that I have on called the Sweat GUTR Hydro. It’s made by an awesome company called GUTR. They specialize in making headbands for performance athletes and industrial workers.

Comfortable Sweatbands that Don’t Irritate My Skin

Basically what this headband is – a nice, rubber-like strip that goes around your head to keep the sweat from getting in your eyes. In the front of the headband, there is a little channel. This channel collects sweat from your forehead over a little ridge, depositing the sweat down the sides of your head, instead of into your eyes. I’ve been wearing this incredible thing for about two months.

Before obtaining the GUTR headband, I used a different product – the Halo headband. It was made out of a cloth with a strip at the bottom that was supposed to keep sweat out of your eyes.

Why I Chose GUTR Sweatbands Over Halo Headbands

I like the GUTR headbands better and here’s why: the Halo sweatband covers a larger area of the forehead, which provided insulation and little air circulation. In the Texas heat, that’s not what I want.

The GUTR headband is just a thin strip of a PVC plastic material that can rest right under your helmet. Make sure the back of the sweatband goes just above the clasp of the helmet. It comes in one-size-fits-all; they have little adjustments that ensure it fits any size head. This is a great reason why I chose GUTR sweatbands over Halo headbands.

Adjustable Sweatband that Keeps Sweat Out of My Eyes

On the back, they have these velcro closures on either side of an elastic closure band (sort of like a hair tie). The velcro straps allow you to adjust to any size.

The GUTR sweatband does a good job at keeping the sweat out of your eyes. It also does a good job of channeling the sweat around your forehead. In my experience, the effectiveness can all depend on where you position it on your forehead. If it’s placed too low on your forehead – basically right about your brows – sweat will get through the creases of your head when you clench your eyes. The best position, in my opinion, is a half inch to an inch about your brows.

So, that’s my review for GUTR sweatbands. They are available for about $19.99. In addition to their website, they’re available in many bike stores. GUTR is right here based in the DFW Metroplex, so please support a local business. Purchase a GUTR sweatband – it’ll help keep the sweat out of your eyes.